We will continue the tradition of the Trainee Day, hosted and supported by Ovarian Cancer Canada.

Friday May 27, 2022

9:05 am   
Welcome, Opening Remarks
Barbara Vanderhyden, PhD / Tania Vrionis / Alicia Tone, PhD
9:30 am   
OvCAN ConnectUs. Trainees will meet two of our inspiring Patient Partners in Research, Ms. Donna Pepin and Ms. Erin Barrett. Donna serves as co-Lead for OvCAN Patient Partners in Research and is the Patient Advisor on the OvCAN Governing Council. Erin serves as Chair on the Ovarian Cancer Canada Board of Directors. Both Erin and Donna will share their lived experience with ovarian cancer and how they are using this unique perspective to drive progress and enact change for all women with or at risk of this disease.

Moderated by:Alicia Tone


Section 1. Setting the groundwork

10:00 am

Basic overview of ovarian cancer pathobiology. Trainees will learn about the unique histopathology of the most common types of ovarian cancer, including characteristic biomarkers and sites of origin.

Speaker: David Huntsman, MD; BC Cancer Agency and University of British Columbia


Section 2. Leveraging ovarian cancer biology into treatment and prevention opportunities

10:25 am

The PARP revolution. Trainees will learn about how PARP inhibitors are changing the landscape of ovarian cancer treatment.

Speaker: Stephanie Lheureux, MD; Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

10:50 am
The biology and promise of immune therapy in ovarian cancer. Trainees will be presented with an overview of the role of different immune cells in the ovarian cancer microenvironment, and how this understanding is being leveraged for treatment.

Speaker: Jeanette Boudreau, PhD; Dalhousie University

11:15 am

Stopping ovarian cancer before it starts. Trainees will learn about the surgical options for risk reduction in the general and high-risk population.

Speaker:  Gillian Hanley, PhD; University of British Columbia


Section 3. Driving progress: the discovery pipeline

11:40 am

Experimental models of ovarian cancer. Trainees will learn about the advantages and drawbacks of available model systems, such as cell culture, patient-derived xenografts and mouse models.

Speaker: Anne-Marie Mes-Masson, PhD; Centre de recherche CHUM et Institut du cancer de Montréal

11:40 am-
12:15 pm
From basic discovery to a potential new treatment. Trainees will learn about the steps needed to bring a promising discovery in the lab to women living with ovarian cancer.

Speaker: Julian J. Lum, PhD; BC Cancer Deeley Research Centre

Lunch break

**trainees to be provided with box lunches at close of session; main conference begins at 1:00 pm**