Dear Colleagues,

The dust has settled after CCOCR 2022, but the excitement of being together in person again lives on, yielding lots of great ideas for new research directions and collaborations.

Many thanks to colleagues near and far who helped to develop an outstanding program that covered such a wide breadth of interesting topics on this voyage. Thank you to the speakers and poster presenters who shared impressive data, both published and from works-in-progress, and who raised our sails by pushing the limits of our understanding of ovarian cancer and sharing possible new solutions. Many thanks to the judges, moderators and volunteers who ensured timely and smooth sailing for the three days. We are grateful to the ovarian cancer survivors for bringing to life their own journeys for the trainees. My eternal gratitude to the co-captains of this adventure (Elisabeth Baugh and Hal Hirte) who always said yes, and the many sponsors who made this journey possible. And a very special thank you to Isabel Stengler and Leona Hanemann who, despite some very turbulent seas, were able to keep this ship afloat and on course for more than 3 years so that we could finally reach this harbor both safely and with renewed enthusiasm for our next voyage.

Thank you all for helping to make the 10th anniversary of CCOCR a wonderful walk down memory lane with glimpses of a future that will be even more rewarding. See you all in Halifax in 2024!!

Barbara Vanderhyden, Ph.D.

University of Ottawa,
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Hal Hirte, MD

Juravinski Cancer Centre
McMaster University

Elisabeth Baugh, MHSc

Honorary Co-Chair
Former Chief Executive Officer, Ovarian Cancer Canada